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The Mindy Project, Season 3, Episode 14, “No More Mr. Noishe Guy”

Tuesday, February 3, 2015, 9:30pm FOX

Peter Prentice is gone! Mindy is pregnant! Mindy loves San Francisco! Danny bought a brownstone! SO much happened in this thirty minute sitcom, and though all of what I just typed above, sounds like it could have made it a terrible episode, the writers are so strong on this show, it worked in every way.

I don’t even know where to start with this one. Mindy is killing it in San Francisco, so much so, that the very unlikable (I just can’t do it) Gurgler tells Mindy when she finishes her fellowship, he wants to open a fertility clinic with her and Danny in San Francisco. Danny shows Mindy the brownstone he bought for them in Harlem, needless to say it’s a fixer-upper. That’s all and well and everything, but Mindy is really enjoying where she is, something her character never thought she’d do. She’s made new friends, but in classic Danny fashion, he doesn’t like it, he’s a New Yorker for life, he even exaggerates his accent. And when the earthquake happens on the west coast he’s done.

Peter finds out Lauren is moving to Texas, and decides he’s going to follow her there. In true Mindy fashion, we get a classic airport romantic gesture, with the writers’ comic twist. The group throws a going away party for Peter, creating hilarious yet heartfelt moments. Peter realizes he’s Mindy’s best-friend, and vice-versa. Danny realizes if it wasn’t for Peter, him and Mindy may not be together at all. This all comes at a beer pong themed going away party.

What I love about this show, is that even though it goes for broke on the romantic gestures, it also keeps it slightly grounded. Mindy is changing, like one person in a couple sometimes does, and it’s up the other half to change and be with them, or let them go. What this means for Mindy and Danny, I don’t know. It’s become a better show since pairing them together, but it was strong before, so we’ll see. Plus, where this pregnancy will lead, who knows! One thing’s for sure, there will be a small hole remaining forever, where Adam Pally’s absence is. He brought something to the show that elevated it to the next level.

[The Round-up]

  • So many good lines this episode (like every other episode) and hard to choose which ones are the best but here goes.
  • Mindy on their new real estate acquisition “wow, it’s like the brothel that Don Draper grew up in.”
  • On their backyard “Right now, it’s a pet cemetery, but not the haunted kind. They have to disclose that.”
  • Mindy on being accused of telling Peter to go during her annual pap smear “it was a pap smear! I was just focusing on not farting!”
  • Jeremy on Peter leaving “The gall of him, who does he think he is? Father? Mother?”
9.0 Amazing

So much happened in this episode that it could'e gone terribly, but the writers are so strong on this show it worked in every way.

  • Amazing 9.0

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