Room Designs Perfect for Film Viewing


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Want to turn watching a movie at home into a real event? Check out these room design tips for transforming an everyday space into a moving picture palace!

When you watch a film you need to feel totally absorbed in the action on screen with no outside distractions. Promote total disconnection with the outside world by creating a ‘womb’ like space that is warm, dark and comfortable.

Best seats in the house

Cinema seating is famously well-upholstered and designed specifically to cradle and support our bodies. Custom-designed cinema seats are available in rows just like in the movie theater with reclining option, cup holder and even on-board lighting.

For those without space to devote an entire wing of their house to their movie-obsession, you can get just as much comfort and style from modular sofa configurations. Consider important relaxation issues such as lumbar support and the height of the sofa so that neck and eyestrain is avoided. Having a large screen to enjoy movies is ideal, but take the time to position seating correctly – not too close or too far away. Great sound quality is all part of an enjoyable movie-watching experience, so place seating and speakers carefully so the whole audience hears all the action as it happens. Modular seating in a horseshoe configuration is a popular arrangement in more socially focused movie rooms where viewers can grab a beer off the table whilst simultaneously enjoying unobstructed screen shots.

Light show

Much of the charm of the movie theater is the dark, expectant atmosphere. To re-create this at home, control external light entering through windows with solid wooden shutters. Perfect for blocking out sunshine when necessary and beautifully streamlined for an elegant décor finish, interior shutters are the ideal solution to external light control issues in home cinemas.

Low-level lamps on side tables and sconce wall fittings will combine to create a magical ambiance that adds to the fun. Avoid harsh overhead lights, as they tend to kill the mood, however you can make an exception for a twinkling crystal chandelier or shimmering glitter-ball!

In full color

Traditionally, rich, opulent shades and fabrics were used in movie theaters. Deep scarlets, golds, silvers and greens were favorite color themes, with plush velvets, smooth leathers and shiny silks and satins being the leading players. Grab some traditional silver screen glamor for yourself with vintage film posters on the walls, textured flock wallpaper and a dramatic tented ceiling draped with parachute silk. Alternatively, you could keep things minimalist with muted natural tones, projection screen concealed behind some contemporary wall art and a sleek bar area for refreshments in the interval.

Final shot

Movie rooms are dimly lit so keep clutter and trip hazards to a minimum. Choose soft fitted carpet over rugs, hardwood or tile, and go for furnishings scaled perfectly for the room dimensions. Think about flow and spaciousness and cancel out clutter with built-in storage for movies/games and other essential equipment.

Give your movie or cinema room the red carpet treatment with some of these blockbuster design ideas. It won’t be long before you’re settling down with popcorn and pals for some perfect silver-screen pleasure…


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