Amazing Tricks Which Casino Players Made


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The desire to get easy money from the machines experiences all gamblers from time to time, even if they are playing in live casino. Someone prefers to play, and someone, as a Russian hacker Denis Nikrash decides to seize the money by a dishonest way. Try online casino games without any fraudsters behind your back.

So what exactly did the main character of this story decide? At first, he bought a gaming machine and placed inside special computer chips. Then he has learned to win at this machine. After that, his task was to figure out how to install these chips on the slots, which was located in the casino. To open the machine you need a key. Still, it was an easy task as far as he could buy them on the black market. And to close him from the watchful eyes of cameras, Nikrash got accomplices. The whole operation to install the chips in the machine took less than one minute. After that, you can play - and win. Did Nikrash hit the jackpot? Yes. But was he able to enjoy success? And the answer to this question is no. His allies eventually went to the police and told about this trick. How and why they did it, the history is silent. He would prefer to play casino live online after all. It is the easiest and also legal way to win the money.

Another fraudster went even further. One of the rules of the baccarat game: after the dealer will shuffle the deck, the other player must remove it. The hero of this story, removing the deck and carefully separating one card from the other by his index finger, with the help of micro cam, built in a stud, was shooting a sequence of cards. Making this “movie”, the player found an excuse to leave the room for a while, to quickly view this video, after which, of course, he won. Thus he was able to get a million dollars without going to live casino. After a short time, he still was exposed. The money was confiscated and he received few years in a prison. Live casino proposes honest way to win in baccarat, without your freedom after all.


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