Make a Bet, Relying on Your Guts


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Should you listen to your intuition while you are going to make a bet? Let’s just say, it makes no sense to do both: to completely decline this knowledge, switching it of (every bettor once in his career has said like “and in fact I wanted to make this bet!” or “Well, I felt that they will win”), or to immediately rush make a bet.  When you are trying to win money, no matter if it is tennis or horse betting, you have to trust both, your guts and knowledge.

It is better to try to understand whether there are real reasons to wait for something like this: view the statistics of the teams or players, if you feel that they should bring the victory, peruse again the news about this subject and so on. Something had caused such an association for your success in the live betting! Secondly do not get too greedy: still the voice of intuition - this is not an absolute guarantee of victory, and it is better to restrict yourself with a bet on small cash. Especially if this feeling appears at the first time, or at the opposite, it appears every time. It is time to be wise and check your “gut feeling” twice.

Another tip: try to keep the objectivity, impartiality when it comes to your sixth sense. Experts advise not to take risks, betting on your favorites (or against them): Even intuition cannot give a fully adequate picture, without underestimation and re-evaluation.

Although of course, it is tempting to just rely on your guts, make a bet on the winning team and hit the jackpot. But it is a dozen times better (because it is easier and more realistic) to take ordinaries, though not very obvious victories in the bets.

Trust yourself, and trust the information. And that will be your formula of success.


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