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Anthony Le is currently residing in Toronto, and has been a passionate writer for film since his youth. Attending U of T, Anthony attends many film events, and is passionate about any type of films, ranging from contemporary to classic cinema.

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Though I have mixed feelings about Hip Hop-Eration as a whole, there is one thing I know for sure; the seniors, who continually inspire throughout the film, aren’t the reason for my indifference. This documentary from New Zealand chronicles the extraordinary story of a group of seniors, some even in …

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Following a series of interconnected relationships, Alex Pugsley’s Dirty Singles is an impressively simplistic, yet effect romantic comedy. Based in Toronto, the film has an evidently indie-film vibe to it, which serves to amplify the realities behind the characters, and the circumstances that the characters get put in. For the most part, Dirty Singles doesn’t …

Reviews Knight of Cups

There are obvious flaws with Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups. Many people have, and will continue to look negatively upon this film. What they forget, though, is that this film isn’t targeted towards a broad audience - Knight of Cups is reserved for the narrow category among people, general public and cinephiles alike…

Special Feature Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant (2015)

Surprisingly, the Golden Globes got quite a bit right this year, with wins for The Revenant and Steve Jobs, and with that, the Globes brought back one of my favorite hosts, Ricky Gervais, in a show that flew by its 3 hour runtime. With nominations for a big variety of films, the biggest being Carol with five nominations, the Golden Globes, unlike other…

Reviews Arabian Nights

In a single word, Miguel Gomes’ 6+ hours Arabian Nights Trilogy is disappointing. Featuring three separate films, distant in content but similar in theme, Gomes crafts, at times, quite a commendable series. Yet, for trilogy of its length, Gomes’ work only treads water on the themes it presents to the audience, and doesn’t care to…

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Our Last Tango, a documentary directed by the Argentinian chronicling the career of María Nieves Rego and Juan Carlos Copes, two of the world’s most famous dancers in tango history. Further, director German Kral delves into the romantic relationship between the dancers, and the ways in which this shaped their dancing careers. Our Last Tango’s greatest strength is in its …

Reviews He Never Died

Quite possibly one of the most entertaining films of the year, He Never Died, a horror-comedy directed by Jason Krawczyk, sneaks in under the radar, just squeezing in as a 2015 release. Krawczyk’s film tells the story of a ominous man who, under unlikely circumstances, must go on a quest to save his long-lost daughter…

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The Boy and the World, originally titled O Menino e o Mundo tell the simplistically beautiful story of a Boy, who, sparked by the disappearance of his father, embarks on a journey to find his dad and get his family back together. As his journey takes him across the world, the Boy is confronted with themes of civilization, industrialization and …

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