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Based on actual police reports surrounding the events of a series of murders in France in 1978, Next Time I’ll Aim for the Heart follows a duplicitous murderer through his dual life as a serial killer and policeman (technically a gendarme). The killer prepares to fulfill his dark fantasies as he travels through…

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The Masters of Suspense is a comedy farce attempting to talk about writers and their sources of inspiration. Exploring the tensions between reality, fiction and ego, it sprints along at a brisk 100 minutes, respecting your time. While it is funny moment to moment, this brevity is to the film’s benefit…

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A man enters the frame, swallowed by the world that quietly oppresses him with impossible decisions as he tries to hold back tears and make sense of what it is to be an adult filled with regret and uncertainty. He yearns for a more fulfilling life, but we are often incapable of escaping the bonds that we willfully…