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In 2015, Jason Blum (Blumhouse Productions) and M. Night Shyamalan teamed up to create a creepy, effective thriller called The Visit. The film was low budget, forcing Shyamalan and his team to buckle down on the basics of filmmaking. The end result is a fine return to form for M. Night Shyamalan, whom many film lovers dismissed years ago. We’re proud to report that Split is a terrific film, placing M. Night Shyamalan back on track to making terrific films once again…

Fantastic Fest Love & Peace (dir. Sion Sono, 2015)

We all have our cult movies we share with friends and family. Some of these films are under-appreciated classics, others are the kind of films that are a mess from a critical standpoint, but they’re endlessly watchable. Drafthouse Films has a knack for unearthing these films that are so much fun to watch with an audience: Miami Connection, Roar and now…

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Bone Tomahawk is one of those films that looks like a homerun at first glance. It’s a western starring Kurt Russell, a man built for this genre, along with a well-rounded ensemble cast that includes Richard Jenkins, Patrick Wilson and Matthew Fox. The end result doesn’t satisfy nearly as much as it should. The film is excessively long with so-so performances and…

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Film festival attendees are explorers in an undiscovered mountain of cinema. Sometimes we come up short, but every now and again we journey into a mysterious cave and discover a treasure that should be on display for the world to enjoy. Too Late is one of those rare, beautiful gems that simply must be seen the way Dennis Hauck (Writer/Director) intended…

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Weird, heart-felt and grounded in reality - The Lobster is one hell of an experience on the big screen. In this world, single people must attend a hotel to find a partner. They’re given 45 days to find love, otherwise they turn into the animal of their choice. David (Colin Farrell) chooses a lobster for his animal. The hotel manager (Olivia Colman) tells a funny joke about

Fantastic Fest February (dir. Oz Perkins, 2015)

This is a difficult film to get into. The cast is quite the hook: Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, Lauren Holly and James Remar. The film is shrouded in mystery, told as a montage of images that don’t always make sense. It’s completely fine to tell a story out of sequence, even keep your audience in the dark but this film is obnoxious in its structure…

Fantastic Fest Green Room (dir. Jeremy Saulnier, 2015)

Jeremy Saulnier landed on my radar in 2013 with his second feature, Blue Ruin when it played at Fantastic Fest. Green Room has one hell of a cast: Imogen Poots, Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin to name a few. We haven’t seen a trailer yet, we only know that a punk band gets stuck at a venue after witnessing an act of violence. Saulnier has demonstrated the…