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Mere days before its premiere at this year’s Venice Film Festival, we are offered a glimpse at Abel Ferrara’s Pasolini with its first trailer. As its title suggests, the film is focused…

Cult Pics and Trash Flicks driller-killer-movie-poster-1979-1020213758

Do you ever find yourself thinking “if I hear that goddamned song one more time I’m going to kill someone”? Abel Ferrara’s Driller Killer takes that fangless internal quip to its literal end and follows an artist Reno Miller (played with indefectible wretchedness by Ferrara himself under the assumed name Jimmy Laine), tortured by the endless stream of depraved distractions and treacherous blight of the inner-city. He watches others thrive in urban filth while his soul is irreparably twisted by routine drunk hobo parades and hookers that scatter like cockroaches in the daylight, images that pollute his daily life with unavoidable conspicuousness. Urban decay permeates every 16mm frame of Driller Killer, and the burgeoning Ferrara expands upon the artificial downbeat beauty of the New York streets found in Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver and attempts to show his version of the city with all of its divine disfigurations.


There seems these days a prevalence of apocalyptic films focusing not on the barren wasteland left after the world’s end, but the immediate lead-up to the grand finale. Particularly in the world of independent filmmaking, that notion—contrived in itself—of a “post”-apocalypse has been tossed aside in favour of exploring those precious last moments with the end impending.