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Long at last we finally have a Game of Thrones Season 3 trailer with some actual footage from Season 3. Roughly based on the first half of A Storm of Swords, the third of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R. R. Martin, the season will premiere on March 31, 2013.

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Phil tricks Luke into carrying on a tradition among the Dunphy males: ballroom dance classes. Disappointed that he’s not being sent off to “autopsy camp”, Luke castigates his father for dragging him out, and then both Dunphy men end up going to jail, where Phil deals with the fact that his son isn’t a cardboard copy of him. Meanwhile, Claire is forced to decipher a long-ago riddle she made up to help her better remember where the family’s emergency money stash is and bail Phil and Luke out of jail; Jay and Gloria plan a joint birthday for Manny and Joe, and the teenaged Delgado might end up going dateless, as he keeps trying to date girls who’re far out of his league; Joe attaches himself to Andy the Manny, leaving Jay to try desperate measures when his son recognizes Andy instead of him as dada; Hayley tries to teach Alex how to drive and must deal with her sister’s extremely cautious style, something Hayley only wishes she had when she commits a parking violation that leads to her father’s arrest; and Mitch and Cam try to arrange for a reception venue for their wedding only to have the perfect place swept out from underneath them mid-booking, force Cam to apply some underhanded moves – most of them involving one of his old students, who has booked the joint for her sweet sixteen party after plans for a joint one fell through. Now Cam and Mitch have to convince the two girls to start speaking again, go through with their original sweet sixteen plans and abandon the inn to the two of them.

Game of Thrones

I’m always reasonably sure that the hero in every story lives through the battle. But it’s never a given so I was a little afraid for Tyrion. I’m relieved to see that the imp lives. Not without a hideous scar or, even more devastating, a blow to his self-confidence. However, he’s alive. I’ll take it. Varys comes by to advise that they can’t be buds anymore, but he’s all for being imaginary friends. It seems that Tyrion has been stripped of his rank now that his father’s come back to claim his title as Hand. It was also his sister’s man who tried to kill him on the battlefield. Wow. The shit is really hitting the fan for my favorite. Not to worry though, he still has Shae. She wants him to leave King’s Landing with her because as she knows he’s not good at killing and fighting. But Tyrion wants to stay. He likes living dangerously.

Game of Thrones

The time’s gone by so fast and here we are at the second last episode. We’ve been building toward this battle for weeks now and finally, it’s here. I have to be honest, I’m not sure whose side I should be on. Joffrey’s a crap king. The little shit talks big, does little and loves to hurt people cause he can. But I can’t imagine the seven kingdoms being ruled by Stannis Baratheon. This man is absolutely humorless and his main counsel is a red headed priestess whose sanity isn’t quite all there. He also has a shadow baby who killed his younger brother. Basically, the people of Westeros are screwed either way. However, I’m on Tyrion’s side, always. So I guess that means I’m Team Joffrey? Sigh. The things I endure for you imp.

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