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Nice to see there’s always maneuvering on the small council, no matter who the King’s Hand is. Tyrion gets to stay at Court as Master of Coin, a position he doesn’t want but can’t exactly turn down. I wonder if Tywin knew there would be a game of musical chairs. Do you think he actually cares where anyone sits? Tyrion’s existence must aggravate Tywin, not only sullying the Lannister name by being a dwarf and his continued whoring, but what must piss him off the most is his intelligence. It would be one thing if Tyrion was dumb as a rock, but it’s harder to ignore a son who’s got some talent.

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One of the first scenes we see is Bradley lying in bed completely naked while Norman gets dressed. Confirmation? I’m almost positive. They did have sex. He wasn’t hallucinating! Seeing Norman on cloud 9 while walking home that morning was nice. This was one of the rare times that we get to see Norman happy. However, this is short lived once Dylan tells Norman that Norma is in jail.

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Mad Men hasn’t traditionally aimed for a high-stakes second episode and has generally taken the first half of a season to reveal the annual thematic concerns. Not so this year. “Collaborators” may have dialed down the death imagery from the season premiere, but it revealed some themes that will almost certainly be vital as we move ahead.

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The episode picks up right where it left off last week, with Norman breaking into officer Shelby’s house. However, it’s told from the point of view of Norman’s older brother, Dylan. Dylan is out riding his motorcycle when he notices Norman walking down the road. Thus, Dylan decides to follow him. The whole first sequence of the episode is intense and involves a lot of “creeping around the house.”

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Since Game of Thrones started on HBO, I’ve been adamant about not reading any of the books until after that season has ended. That way, I don’t know what’s going to happen when I watch the show. But this season, I may break this tradition because it’s only episode two and I have no idea who anyone is. Or it may be that I’m suddenly too old to be up so late watching something that requires me to draw family trees to keep track of everyone. Hopefully, people start dying soon, eliminating the need to learn new names.

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