Author Armen Karaoghlanian

Armen Karaoghlanian is the co-creator and writer of Interiors, an online film and architecture journal that focuses on the use of space in cinema. In addition, he is a Contributing Writer for ArchDaily and an Adjunct Faculty for Woodbury University. In his career, he maintains a balance between film studies and film production, as he writes for various publications while also working as an independent filmmaker.

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Xavier Dolan’s first three feature films were an exploration of impossible love. The personal, domestic drama I Killed My Mother (2009), stylized love dual Heartbeats (2009) and epic love story Laurence Anyways (2012) each focused on characters in search of mutual affection.

Xavier Dolan established himself as a filmmaker with style as well as an eye for visual flair, maturing with each film and gradually expanding his scope. The theme of impossible love is still a concern in his fourth feature film, Tom at the Farm (2014), but is very much an afterthought.