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From the production team that brought us Monster Brawl (2011) comes a claustrophobic, survival horror film that pulls no punches. A town’s water supply becomes contaminated and must be evacuated. The title of the film is self-explanatory. The film opens with a nasty sequence that will surely have audiences squirming in their seats …

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We live in a cinematic world awash with sequels, prequels, reboots, and reimaginings. Every summer, the original feature dwindles like an endangered species, with a bastion of based-ons eroding their stake of screen time with a growing frequency. This is not to fully denigrate the concept of a sequel, but rather to call into question the …

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When people think of horror sequels, there’s always a temptation to denounce them as inferior films. True, it is easy to start citing examples of lesser films in franchises like Friday the 13th or Saw

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The Purge (2013) introduced an intriguing concept: For twelve uninterrupted hours, all crime is legal – even murder. Sounds fascinating, right? The film turned into a generic home-invasion thriller with light economic commentary. The Purge suffered due to the limited scope. A terrific concept with great potential was dangled in …

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With its black-and-white cinematography, minimalist visual décor and sound effects, and overall unassuming nature, Sabu’s venture into the zombie film is memorable, ingenious, and ultimately moving. Set in an ambiguous period of either the near future or distant past, Miss Zombie is in large part a sensitive family drama, with a focus …

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The zombie as a metaphor for dysfunctional and alienating systems in our society is a popular since the Night of Living Dead. The concept of living flesh, as in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, is a manifestation of feeling alien in your own skin and in your environment.

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Although it’s tempting to start this review with a bunch of nasty quips riffing off of the film’s title (such as, “they could deliver us from evil, but not mediocrity”), it seems beneficial to try to resist. Not that the film doesn’t deserve all the slander it can get, but if we’re just playing the name calling game, then we’ll never get a chance to…

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Similar to how the action genre has been mostly eaten up by giant comic book movies, the horror genre has suffered an equally tragic devouring. It’s hard to remember the last horror film that didn’t have someone clutching a crucifix while battling a demon baby growing inside their stomach…

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