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Cheryl Strayed hiked the 1,100-mile expanse of the Pacific Crest Trail for a reason not dissimilar from any generic, vanilla character study: she was attempting to “find herself.” But there is something uniquely human about Cheryl’s story, and something deeply moving about Wild, a film whose sneaky profundity feels indebted …

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Teases upon teases have been heaped onto us regarding this new Terminator film. Talk of Arnold returning in some strange capacity, a slew of promotional images that appear to have been taken on the set of the new Mad Max movie, and then yesterday’s teaser for the trailer that graces us…

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There is a conundrum when considering Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs, his 1987 spoof of the sci-fi genre obliquely and Star Wars specifically. The conundrum is that the movie is so shoddily put together that it’s almost painful to watch yet it’s still so funny. Brooks said on the movie that he took off his artistic glasses and threw …

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In general, comedies are low-risk, high-return commercial propositions. They’re made relatively cheaply, often with one or two mid-level (or lower) stars of the comedic variety. If they don’t hit, they quickly fade into obscurity, their losses, minimal in the grand scheme of Hollywood things, written off. If they hit, however, they’re money in the virtual bank for the studios financing them, making sequels, wanted or unwanted by …

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No this is not a film about the endlessly sexual Greek god (is that happening ever?), but yet another in a long line of recent forays into the world of Peter Pan. If the many TV incarnations, first…

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Cinephiles love to heap praise on little know films, underseen foreign jaunts, classic bits of black-and-white, and the doggedly independent. But even the most snobbish clear a space…

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Point and shoot is a film by two-time Academy Award nominated filmmaker Marshall Curry documenting Matthew Vandyke’s Journey of self-discovery through the Middle East. This film also won the best documentary film at the Tribeca film festival …

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You’d be surprised what you see in a movie that you haven’t seen again in twenty years. Has it been that long? I recently sat down to watch Ben Stiller’s directorial debut Reality Bites. The plot revolves around recent college graduates and their search for a life outside of school …

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The dystopian Hunger Games saga continues with the first part of the final chapter. Similar to other young adult franchises (e.g. Harry Potter, Twilight) the third book Mockingjay is split into two films, arguably for financial reasons rather for narrative advantages. Francis Lawrence, who also directed Catching Fire, shot …

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For a long time, Elliott Smith was just another guy. He traipsed around Portland, his home of many years and the central location of Heaven Adores You, like any other face about town. He did drywall jobs to pay rent and played in a grunge band at small dive bars. He put out records that did OK in his own city. He was a regional …

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